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The ATA licenses several programs for a variety of purposes, ranging from basic martial arts, to self defense, to esteem and life skills building and more. Over the years, the ATA has come to realize that there are many reasons for studying Songahm Taekwondo, and we have worked hard to develop programs that will help realize these goals rather than forcing our students into one, linear area of study and practice.

Special Offers

Katy ATA Martial Arts

Tiny Tigers

It’s never too early to develop a passion for Martial Arts. Here at Katy ATA Martial Arts, the development of our youngest students is our top priority.

Katy ATA Martial Arts

Karate For Kids

Raising a child is anything but easy – let us help you! If your child struggles to concentrate in class, is dealing with bullies at school, or can’t seem to come out of their shell, martial arts is the answer to your prayers.

Katy ATA Martial Arts

Taekwondo for Teens & Adults

Our adult martial art classes focus on self-defense, fitness, and a wide variety of various skills and techniques. Whether you’ve never stepped foot on a mat or you’ve been training for years, we have the perfect class for you.

Leadership Training

Creating leaders to meet the needs of our world, adept in the core life skills necessary for success. ATA’s ability to shape and mold people’s lives in a positive way has significantly contributed to the success of its members worldwide. If you want to achieve greatness- and help others achieve greatness- maybe the ATA Leadership program is for you! In ATA, it is our goal to build a generation of leaders who have success far beyond the walls of the martial arts classroom. As part of the Leadership Program, you will be challenged more physically and mentally and will enhance your martial arts experience

Instructor Training

ATA Legacy

Students follow in the legacy of their instructors preparing to take the ultimate role of leadership. The ATA Legacy Instructor Training program is the pipeline through which future ATA instructors flow and which school owners leave their legacy. There are four steps to one’s becoming a certified instructor, and each step has its requirements and level of abilities. Anyone may join the Legacy Instructor Training program, but a student must be at least 18 years old to become a fully-certified instructor. Eternal Grand Master’s vision was to create the pathway for any ATA student to become successful in life.

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